Criminal Law


We represent our clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal. Our clients know they can rely on a prompt and effective service, and many use our services time and again.


We know how important it is that you are well represented, either at court or at the police station. Zoi Bilderberg has a reputation for well-prepared, high-quality work. Our case building excellence is based on a sound knowledge of the criminal justice system and the ability to assemble first-rate evidence and documentation. We also secure the services of the highest quality experts to ensure that we get the best possible outcome for our clients.


You do not have to wait until you are arrested to get in touch with us. Zoi Bilderberg can advise you of your rights and how they can be protected at any stage.


We are particularly expert in the often highly technical issues raised in road traffic offences. Experienced in serious and minor cases, the Zoi Bilderberg Crime department’s aim is to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


Areas we cover are: - 

  • Benefit Fraud & False Accounting

  • Causing Death by Careless or Dangerous Driving

  • Challenging Search Warrants

  • Conspiracy Offences

  • Cyber Crime

  • Dawn Raids and Seizures

  • Domestic Violence

  • Drink Driving

  • Extradition

  • Firearms Offences

  • Fraud & Deception

  • Harassment, Stalking and the new offence of Coercive and Controlling Behaviour

  • Health and Safety Offences

  • Historical Sexual Allegations

  • Human Trafficking

  • Kidnap & False Imprisonment

  • Making/Possessing Indecent Images

  • Murder, Manslaughter and Corporate Manslaughter

  • Regulatory and Professional Defence

  • Road Traffic Offences

  • Serious Drugs Offences

  • Sexual Offences

  • Terrorism Offences

  • Touting

  • White Collar Criminal Offences

If you or someone you know is being held out of normal office hours, waste no time in calling our emergency crime numbers to alert us as early as possible. You can call us on our 24-hour helpline on 07956 918682 or Click Here to fill out our online enquiry form.



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