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Wills & Probate Services


Millions of Britons risk leaving their assets – however modest – to the wrong people or the State.


For example, if your uncle or grandfather dies without making a will, his estate, however valuable it is, will be liable to a big tax bill, (for example, an estate worth £1,250.000). This is because laws dictate some of it goes to his children and so is subject to inheritance tax. Had a will been in place, he could have left it all to his wife tax-free.


A will ‘is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out and your estate goes to whom you want it to’.


Without a will, a person’s legacy could be one of exhausting paperwork and family disputes. For example, if you marry or remarry after writing a will this invalidates it. If you have separated from a spouse but do not remarry, an old will that favours the spouse will remain valid until a new one is created and the old one revoked. Parents can also use a will to appoint guardians to look after their young children. You should make a will if you have children, own property, are getting divorced, have total assets worth more than £250,000, live with a partner but are not married or in a civil partnership, or if you are in a  second marriage and wish to protect assets for your children. It only takes about 45 minutes to sort out.


A single, basic will typically costs £.120.00 inclusive of VAT @ 20%

But it will cost more if circumstances are more complex – such as an estate including overseas property


Our Services 

✓ Obtaining Grant of Probate
✓ Letters of Administration
✓ Inheritance Tax Advice
✓ Resealing Grants
✓ No Upfront Costs
✓ Foreign Property
✓ Deeds of Variation
✓ Multi-jurisdictional Probate
✓ Wealth Planning


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