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New Laws (October 2015)


30-Day Refund Right


Anybody who buys faulty goods is now entitled to a refund for up to 30 days after their purchase. 


Previously rules only required refunds for a “reasonable time”, dependent on the item in question.


The proposals were included in the Consumer Right Act. Purchases made online are subject to additional consumer rights.


Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms 


If your rent a home from now on, your landlord will be required by law to install smoke alarms on all of its floors.


Carbon monoxide alarms are also required in all rooms with solid fuel burning appliances.


The Government says the new rule will prevent 25 deaths and 700 injuries a year; landlords who don’t comply face a £5,000 fine.


This rule applies to England; housing is a devolved issue in Wales and Scotland.


Parking Grace Period


If you park a car in a private car park, you are now entitled to a ten minute grace period after your ticket expires.


You can’t be fined for ten minutes after the time shown on the ticket.

The policy covers both the end of free parking periods and the end of paid-for time. 


This measure already applied to car parks owned by councils. This rule applies across Great Britain.


Smoking In Cars With Young Children


It is now illegal in England and Wales to smoke in a car carrying someone under the age of 18.


The rule, which applies to drivers and passengers, is subject to enforcement with a £50 fine.


The law doesn’t apply to anyone driving in a convertible with the roof down, and doesn’t apply to vaping an electronic cigarette.



Publication from the Independent published on 1st October 2015.



A fee of 5p required for each shopping bag in supermarkets


This law was introdued in the United Kingdom on 5th October 2015.


What's happening?


Shoppers are to be charged 5p for every new plastic bag they use at large stores in England.


The charge applies only to shops or chains with 250 or more full-time employees.

Plastic bags at airport shops or on board trains, planes or ships, will not be included, and neither will paper bags.


England is the last country in the UK to start charging for plastic bags.


Why do this?


The number of plastic bags handed out by supermarkets in England in 2014 rose to 7.64 billion - 200 million more than in 2013.


Figures collected by waste-reduction body Wrap, on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), show that the figure has steadily increased for the past four years.


In 2010 almost 6.3 billion were used.


Campaigners argue that the bags blight streets, spoil the countryside, and damage wildlife, seas and coastline.


Ministers think introducing a 5p charge will stop shoppers using as many new bags, and encourage people to re-use old ones.


The government hopes to see an 80% reduction in plastic bag use in supermarkets, and a 50% fall on the high street.

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