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Family Litigation

We Specialise in Divorce and Family Law


Divorce and separation are always stressful. But it’s a myth that they always must involve an aggressive fight through the courts. If we can, we try to achieve good results for our clients through a negotiated agreement, saving them money, time and stress, although where this isn’t possible, we will fight hard to protect our clients’ interests. By specialising in divorce and family law, Zoi Bilderberg Law Practice has the experience to guide you through the process in a friendly and professional way, making sure you have the support you need.


Why choose us?


Just as every person is different, every relationship is different. When they break down you cannot apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to them. So, we listen carefully to every one of our clients in order to understand their priorities in the event of divorce and separation. We help you to answer vital questions like what to do with the family home and assets, how to ensure a reasonable income and what sort of residence and contact arrangements will be best for the children. There might also be complex issues like pensions, shares, inheritances and the family business that needs to be resolved. Once we understand you and your unique circumstances, we develop a tailored strategy for achieving the best possible results under the circumstances.


For divorce and family law advice -contact us today.


Please call us on 0203 417 2929 to speak to one of our Family Litigation Specialists.


Whatever your family law issues – whether it’s financial worries, concerns about the children or stress and anxiety about other aspects of relationship breakdown and divorce, then you don’t have to face it on your own. Our experienced and sympathetic lawyers will provide you with clear, understandable legal advice and support you throughout the process. You can count on us to help you navigate the perils of family law with a minimum of stress and our transparency on legal costs will mean that is one thing, at least, that you don’t need to worry about.

Areas we cover are: - 


  • Divorce Separation

    • Divorce

    • Living Apart/Co-habitation

    • Void & Voidable Marriages

    • Religious Divorce

    • Forced Marriages

    • Judicial Separation

    • Separation and Maintenance Arrangements


  • Domestic Violence

    • Prohibited Steps Order

    • Occupation Orders

    • Emergency Protection and Enforcement

  • Children

    • Parental responsibilities

    • Relocation of A Parent


  • Finance

    • Child Support

    • Children Act Orders

    • Pension

    • Taxation

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