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Banking Law

Banking and finance are a giant sector internationally, intersecting with various industries and overlapping with multiple other practice areas.

Our banking and finance lawyers work in the specialist areas described below, but all deal with the management consultation obligations. Their task is to negotiate with the client and document the contractual relationship between lenders and borrowers and to ensure that our client’s legal obligations are observed.


What is involved in banking and finance law?

We at Zoi Bilderberg Law Practice specialise in Commercial Banking Law which is an area where some amount of specialisation is a must; there are too many components for a solicitor to be a general practitioner. As solicitors in this field, we will represent either the borrower or the lender and it is will be our responsibility to ensure that the correct documentation is completed, and our clients’ interests are fully covered and protected.

A major portion of work in banking and finance is paramount and is of transactional nature. We endeavour to complete our part in the transaction and move on to the next. A return to a completed transaction becomes necessary when disputes arise. This constitutes the contentious element of our banking and finance work.

Please note that we are not regulated or authorised to give financial or investment advice by the Financial Conducts Authority. We do not carry out any FCA regulated activity as we are not regulated by the FCA.

We will, however, act as a mediator between parties; helping everyone to reach common terms that are satisfactory to all involved. Throughout all of this, we will ensure that the deal is in line with all laws and regulations of the jurisdictions they involve, as well as completing formalities such as registration.

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